Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lemon and Poppyseed Bundt

Like the Pistachio and Lime cake a few months ago, this is a cake where there's not much to say. I made it for Mike's Mum's birthday last month. It just seemed to fit the bill for a summer birthday - light, moist and fluffy with a bit of zing and a splash of bright white icing. It is a Dolly Bakes recipe that I first made last year when I used oranges aswell. This year I stuck to the original - straight up Lemon Drizzle. 

I was mildly horrified when I took it out of the tin as I thought it looked burnt but I assure you there was not a hard crust in sight, the whole cake was wonderfully soft and bouncy!

 For anyone that hasn't made a bundt before, I implore you to try - this is a great one to start with but Dolly Bakes has a whole host of beautiful bundts to tempt you. I was convinced mine would sink, stick and/or burn but I trusted the recipe and was so pleased with the results. I think bundts are great 'occasion' cakes as they don't have to be faffy and they make for stunning cakes.


  1. This a nice way to have you fave lemon drizzle cake.I like the way the icing just drizzled it self nicely in to kind of a pattern. the butterflies are very a cute addition.

  2. Mmm lemon drizzle! I love bundts for the same reason, although I'm still huffing with my bundt pan after only half of my last lemon, lime yoghurt cake came out of it!


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