Monday, 4 April 2011

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I made this one what can only be described as a 'whim'. Anyone who knows me will know that if I am baking something I normally know about it days in advance since I am so stupidly anal about planning food/shopping! But at work last Thursday I became gripped with a need to make pineapple upside down cake, and when I looked up a recipe on BBC Good Food, the only thing that I knew I was missing in the cupboard was a tin of pineapple which I thought must be some sort of sign, and even though I would normally not even contemplate the hassle of going to the shops for one measly thing, my need for this cake was so great that I heaved my weary body there on the way back from work to acquire my pineapple rings!

I've never made this before and was more than a little dubious after some less than successful encounters with fruit-based baking (was it scrambled eggs or Peach and Raspberry Buckle?! It was so hard to tell...) and I quickly curbed my excitement when the possibility of failure hit me.

However! I followed the recipe exactly and I am pleased to report that it was a success! There was one hairy moment when it seemed to be rising out of all control, but somehow seemed to calm itself down by the time my little gingerbread man timer buzzed. It was lovely and moist and quite sweet - at first I wanted a giant slice with a whole pineapple ring on it but half that amount was more than enough! It tasted so homely and traditional, and reminded me of sitting on my Grandma's couch on a Sunday afternoon with tea and cake and the snooker on (not really sure why, since she never made pineapple upside down cake, but still... guess it was just that traditional type of taste!).

I am definitely making this again, as soon as I possibly can. It's gone straight onto the baking list for the Royal Wedding day but I'm fairly confident I'll be baking it again between now and then! Recipe is online at BBC Good Food.

This is also my (quite late) entry for this week's Sweets for a Saturday! View the other entries here.

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